Jorge Arango

In•for•ma•tion Ar•chi•tect [L infotectus] n. 1) the individual who organizes the patterns inherent in data, making the complex clear. 2) a person who creates the structure or map of information which allows others to find their personal paths to knowledge. 3) the emerging 21st century professional occupation addressing the needs of the age focused upon clarity, human understanding and the science of the organization of information.

— Richard Saul Wurman

I make information easier to find and understand. I’ve been “making the complex clear” for people in all types of organizations and their customers — ranging from developing world non-profits to Fortune 500 corporations — for over twenty years.

Essays and publications

Articles published either in this site or elsewhere, mostly about information architecture and user experience design. Five of the most recent:

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I’ve presented and led workshops about information architecture and user experience design at major industry events. Some of the latest:

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